Student Athletic Training Program

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What's the Athletic Training program about?

Athletic Training 100 The student will learn the role of the Athletic Trainer as A Profession; The student will learn the aspects of administrative and professional development; The student will gain a basic understanding of human Anatomy; the student will learn the basics of tissue injuries; The Student will gain an understanding of athletic-related injuries to the: Head, Facial structures, Throat and Thorax, Abdominal, and Spinal Injuries.



The Athletic Training 200 the students will Understand Athletic-Related injuries to the Shoulder, Elbow injuries, and Wrist / Hand Injuries. The students will Understand Athletic-Related injuries to the Hip, Pelvic, and Thigh Injuries, Knee injuries, Foot, Ankle, and Lower-leg Injuries.



Athletic Training 300 will include instruction in; Rehabilitation and Reconditioning of Athletic-Related Injuries, Providing Emergency Care.



Athletic Training 400 will include instruction in; Preventing Athletic-Related Injuries, Other Athletic Conditions and Concerns.