Perfered Sports Medicine Physians

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Sports Medicine Physicians

These are Sports Medicine Physicians with whom we have had other Athletes from Maine West see. These surgeons have agreed to see our Athletes and place them on the fast track for office visits. Once you have scheduled an appointment to see the doctor, If the appointment is greater than ten days out call the Athletic Training Room and I will contact the office and get the appointment moved up to next available. I do not have choice of time in this situation just sooner. Click On the name of the surgeon for more Information and page back to return to Web page.

Advocate Health Care - Lutheran General Hospital

Kara Vormittag, M.D.


Eric Hoeper, M.D.


NorthShore University HealthSystem

Elizabeth Pieroth, Psy.D.

Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury


The Exercise and Breathing Center

Stephen Boas, M.D.

Office: 847-998-3434